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Electro Chlorination

Electro chlorination is a simple and proven technology to convert ordinary salt water into sodium hypochlorite by means of electrolysis.

Sodium Hypochlorite is universally accepted for combating saline, algae and other bio organism in water. The most important aspect of sodium hypo chlorite usage is its economy, effectiveness in killing bio organisms there by disinfecting water.

Electro chlorination finds application where chlorine is not readily available or where operation with chlorine is not possible.

Electro chlorination there fore find application in drinking water, cooling water treatment, waste water treatment, Bleaching, pharmaceutical formulation and other industrial applications.


A diluted Brine solution is fed to an electrolyser cell. When a low voltage D.C, current is applied, electrolysis occurs and sodium hypo chlorite is generated instantaneously.

The actual reaction is complex, but the key reaction can be represented by the following equation,

Nacl + H2O --> Naocl + H2

The generated contains 0.7% to 1% chlorine. Below 1% Hypo is classified as a non hazardous chemical although still a effective disinfections.


1. Disinfection of drinking water
2. Control algae growth in water tanks
3. Disinfection in hospitals, hotels, and restaurants
4. Launtry and bleaching

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