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Sodium Iodate

Sodium Iodate is a chemical compound. It is an oxidizing agent.


The technology for production of sodium Iodate. The process involves dissolving Iodine in sodium Hydroxide and after electrolytic oxidation using TSIA in an annular flow cell. At the end of the electrolysis the electrolyte is cooled to get sodium Iodate. After filtration the electrolyte is recycled to the cell feed.

3I2 + 6NaoH --> NaIO3 + 5NaI + 3H2O

Raw Materials:

1. Iodine
2. Sodium Hydroxide


1. Iodization of table salt
2. In Bakery
3. Photography

Product Specification: Sodium Iodate:

Sl.NO Description Specification
1. ASSEY as NaIO3 99.50% MIN
2. Iodide 0.002%
3. Chloride 0.02%
4. Heavy Metal 0.001%
5. Sulphate 0.005%
6. Moisture 1.0%
7. Iron 0.002%
8. PH 5 - 9.5
9. Appearance White Power

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