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Potassium Chlorate

Manufacture of Potassium Chlorate

Direct Process:

Potassium chloride in aqueous solution is electrolyzed by By using titanium oxide coated titanium anode and mild steel cathode in an Electrolyzer. D.C current is passed. Potassium chloride is converted in to potassium chlorate. Due to its low solubility potassium chlorate is separated.

Kcl + 2H2O --> Kclo3 + 3H2

In Direct Process:

Potassium chlorate is prepared by double decomposition method. Initially sodium chlorate is prepared by electrolytic oxidation of Sodium chloride solution in an electrolytic cell.

Sodium chlorate is then reacted with potassium chloride. By double decomposition method potassium chlorate is produced.

Nacl + 3H2O --> Naclo3 + 3H2
Naclo3 + Kcl --> Kclo3 + Nacl

Raw Materials:

1. Sodium Chloride
2. Potassium Chloride
3. Hydrochloric Acid
4. Sodium Di Chromate
5. Potassium Di Chromate


1. Manufacture Safety Matches
2. Manufacture Explosives
3. Weed Killer and Defoliants
4. Powerful Oxidizing Agent

Product Specification: Sodium Chlorate

Sl.NO Description Specification
1. ASSAY as Kclo3 99.50%
2. Insoluble matter 0.03%
3. Chloride as cl 0.02%
4. Sulphate as So4 0.02%
5. Bromate as Bro3 0.03%
6. Moisture 0.05%
7. Iron 0.003%
8. Particle size 99.00% in 200 mesh

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