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Titanium anodes are the state of art as anodes for a wide range of electro chemical application.

The excellent stability of titanium against surface and pitting corrosion make dimensionally permitted dramatic innovations in equipment design, Operation condition and energy consumption of many electrolysis process.

The application of the coating containing mixed metal oxide, allows to reduce remarkably the over potential for anodic chloride and anodic oxygen evolution.

Additionally, the MMO coated anodes have excellent stability consequently, do not contaminate the electrolysis system, improving the product purity and maintenance costs.


1. In sodium and potassium chlorate process
2. In Caustic soda process
3. In Electro chlorinators, swimming pool Chlorinators
4. Water electrolysis and Sewage treatment process
5. Gold, platinum, Nickel, and Chromium plating
6. In oxygen evolution process

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