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Potassium Bromate

Alkali metal Bromates are used as oxidizing and Brominating agents. It finds extensive application in flour treatment and to some extent in cosmetics for producing cold permanent hair waves.


Potassium Bromate is manufactured by the electrolytic oxidation of Potassium Bromide to Potassium Bromate. MMO coated Titanium anode acts the anode and perforated Stainless steel plate acts as the cathode. Stainless steel tank with lid acts as the Electrolyzer.

The Electrolyzer is charged with Potassium Bromide and Potassium Di chromate is added as addition agent. D.C. current is passed to the cell through the Rectifier transformer. The electrolysis is continued till the Potassium bromide is getting converted into Potassium Bromate.

The solution after electrolysis is cooled to get Potassium Bromate. The crude salt is further recrystallised to get pure Potassium Bromate.

Chemical Reaction:
KBr + 3H2O --> KBro3 + 3H2
Raw Materials:

1. Potassium Bromide
2. Potassium Di Chromate
3. Hydrochloric Acid
4. Potassium Hydroxide

Product Specification: Potassium Bromate:

Sl.NO Description Specification
1. Potassium Bromate 99.00%
2. PH 6.5
3. Appearance Colorless
4. Moisture 0.1%
5. Sulphate 0.01%
6. Bromide 0.003%
7. Chloride 0.05%
8. Heavy Metal 5ppm

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